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What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

My New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Define target/aim for 2012
  2. Set, adjust and use resources
  3. Improve communication with clients/co-translators
  4. Self-marketing
  5. Set competitive rates
  6. Invest in improving your skills (further education, conferences, etc.)
  7. Develop the strategy for meeting  clients and keeping the old precious ones
  8. Leave your comfort zone/Deal with tangible issues
  9. Keep up with new technologies
  10. Healthy diet/exercise/spend time with friends

To My Precious Business Partners and Friends, I Extend Sincerest Wishes for a Holiday Season.


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Book review

Once upon a time there was a girl who desperately wanted to become a freelance translator.  She was educated, had some experience and was ready to leave her comfort zone and soar into the world of freelancers. But she needed somebody to guide her, to make the path less thorny.

One day she found this wonderful book, The ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO FREELANCE TRANSALTION in her mailbox. After a few minutes of reading she saw herself becoming a part of a new but familiar world. There was this freelance translator Mox, a naive but good-natured,  surrounded by the world of love and understanding Lena, silent co-workers Mina and Orange, dark side emperors Pam and Mephistopheles, ignorant Bill, canny but realistic Calvo and merciless El Padrino.

She was fascinated with other freelance translators sharing their experiences and was introduced to other young successful inspiring freelancers

After an hour of reading, she took a deep breath and said to herself: ”Well if I could take all the good from each and every character, I would become a successful freelance translator’’… and she did.

The author of this Book is Mr. Alejandro Moreno-Ramos, a full-time freelance English & French to (European) Spanish translator, living between Spain and France. He holds a MSc in Electromechanical Engineering and worked as an Energy Engineer for 5 years until he realized that he wanted a real job, currently working on his dissertation in order to get a PhD in Electrical Engineering.

Through comic characters the author depicted the features of the members of the world of translation with all its advantages and disadvantages. The book is inspiring, full of humor and wit.

Not just that it is useful, fun and instructive, it also makes you believe that if you have a goal, even though the desire may be bigger than the very possibilities, with confidence and right attitude you’ll elbow your way to success.

To get your own copy of the Book, visit the Mox’s Blog page and order it right now


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